Apps of the week

Sunday Social 12/02/2018
Photo: Getty.

Digital consultant Cate Owen talks to Vaughn Davis on Sunday Social about the Apps of the Week. 

Cate looks at Huji Cam, Celebrity faces swaps as a new adult film trend and about "social ranking" in daily life. 

Huji Cam is a camera app that makes your camera look like an old-school disposable camera. Are we a fan?

Photo: Itunes.

Cate also looks at the latest trend in adult videos - Face swapping. Someone has used the face swapping ability of apps like snapchat to take celebrities faces and convincingly map them onto porn stars bodies.  The technique is known as "deepfakes" and had led to a variety of women's faces appearing in pornographic video's that they did not participate in. 

And finally, Cate looks at the idea of  "social ranking" in our society. Although the idea may have appeared in Black Mirror, it may become a reality.  

Black Mirror looks at social ratings/Photo: Netflix.

Listen to the full interview with Cate Owen above. 

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