Apps of the week

Sunday Social 04/02/2018

Vaughn talks with Paul Brislen for Apps of the Week, discussing Fitness trackers, Messanger Kids, The Treaty of Waitangi App & posture.

Fitness trackers… who knew sharing your location with the world could be a bad thing?

While it’s fun to map and share your runs, you might not want everyone to know exactly where you live or work...

Facebook launches Messenger Kids- made for children under the age of 13, who sign up with their parent's permission. However, Facebook is R13...

It launched in the US before Christmas and will likely be here soon... all contacts must be parent-approved and messages can’t be deleted.

But will introducing children to social media at an earlier age increase their dependence on digital devices?

This comes after some intermediate schools in New Zealand have asked their pupils to not use social media at school... or at all.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Brislen above.

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