Abhi Kala: Titan Ideas

Sunday Social 18/02/2018

Vaughn is joined by Abhi Kala, the founder of Titan Ideas who are developing augmented reality technology, leading the way in online colouring.

Creating the platform, Zippy's Tales, Titan Ideas are trying to teach the Maori alphabet, mixed with 3D colouring.

You are totally in a virtual environment.

The user begins colouring on their device on Android or iPhone, but if they look through the screen, the drawing becomes 3D, as if it were in front of you.

Mr Kala describes it as;

Somethings 3D in your view... that doesn't really exist.

Mr Kala believes in New Zealand we are culturally disconnected... that people are losing their self-identity.

Listen to the full audio with Abhi Kala above.

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