Vote to take place on May 31st regarding Western Springs Speedway

Saturday Sport 05/05/2018
Image credit: Western Springs Speedway.

It's a controversy that just won't go away - should driving events at the Western Springs Speedway be moved to another venue like Waikaraka Park?

The big vote regarding Western Springs Speedway is coming up at the end of May. Who are you supporting - the Western Springs Residents Association, or the Speedway?

The Speedway has a lease until the end of next Summer, and are looking for an extension. But the Residents Association say events there make too much noise, and they want the Auckland Council to take action.

On Saturday Sport, Brendan Telfer talked with spokespeople from both sides of the argument - first was Simon Dew from the Western Springs Residents Association, and he was followed by Greg Mosen from the Speedway.

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