Saturday Sport: In case you missed it

Saturday Sport 12/05/2018

If you missed Saturday Sport on the 12th of May 2018, don't worry. We have all of the best bits right here.

Why the Warriors?

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ARL and Carlaw Heritage Trust chair Cameron McGregor joins Saturday Sport following the finalisation of the sale of the Warriors. Mr Mcgregor answers the question we all want to know; why did you buy the warriors?

Should there be more regualtions surrounding natural testosterone levels?

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Paul Melia, president and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport joins Brendan Telfer. Mr Melia discusses the IAAF’s regulation changes around natural testosterone levels. He looks at the impact it has on players, and the possibility of effectively banning athletes due to increased hormone levels. 

Spiro Zavos    

Photo: AAP.

Philosopher, journalist, historian and writer Spiro Zavos joins Saturday Sport. Mr Zavos looks at the on-going Israel Folau saga, and the drama’s impact on sporting as whole.  

Why is a netball review necessary?

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Former Netball New Zealand (NNZ) director Don Mackinnon joins Brendan Telfer to discuss NNZ’s drastic new decision, that could really change the game. 

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