Kim Chamber's incredible swim featured at Doc Edge 2018

Saturday Sport 05/05/2018
Credit: Getty.

Kim Chambers, the first woman to complete a solo swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge talks with Brendan Telfer ahead of her story being told at Documentary Edge.

Described as the “most difficult marathon swim”, Ms Chambers was the first woman to complete a 50km solo swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge - known for frigid temperatures, swirling currents and the world’s largest great white sharks.

She says she felt herself drawn to the water, and the event took her over 17 hours of non-stop swimming.

You never know the twists and turns that your life is going to take.

Ms Chambers found a joy for swimming and learnt more about herself then she thought possible.

Through the physically and emotionally challenging lead-up, the swim itself, and candid interviews with her and others, Kim Swims looks into what propels her to conquer fear, pursue her passion and achieve her potential — all the while inspiring others to do the same.

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Listen to the interview with Kim Chambers above.

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