Saturday Sport: In case you missed it

Saturday Sport 28/04/2018

If you missed Saturday Sport on the 28th of April 2018, don't worry. We have all of the best bits right here.

Shaun Johnston on the state of the Warriors

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Warrior’s half back Shaun Johnson joins Telf to discuss all things Warriors. He gives us the inside scoop on his personal feelings surround the teams epic loss this week, and his hopes for his return to the game this week. 

We need more gay All Blacks

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Patrick Gower joins Saturday Sport to talk about the current state of Rugby in New Zealand. Gower believes we need an openly gay rugby player to truly have a truly diverse sporting culture.  

Jason Holland

Photo: Getty.

Assistant coach Jason Holland joins Saturday Sport to discuss Hurricanes latest match.      

Bob Charles

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Professional golfer Sir Bob Charles joins Brendan Telfer on Saturday Sport. Sir Charles discusses the latest in the golf ball saga, and gives his opinion on what should be done.

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