Saturday Sport: In case you missed it

Saturday Sport 14/04/2018

If you missed Saturday Sport on the 14th of April 2018, don't worry. We have all of the best bits right here.

Valerie Adams and Eliza McCartney both win Silver at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

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We started off today's show by looking at the Commonwealth Games - last night, New Zealand won Silver medals to both Valerie Adams and Eliza McCartney. After hearing from them Brendan Telfer caught up with Kirstie Stanway, who has been covering the games for Newshub.

RIP Fergie McCormick

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Former All Black fullback Fergie McCormick died on Tuesday, aged 78, after a battle with throat cancer. Brendan caught up with iconic Kiwi rugby commentator Keith Quinn on the life and career of the great Canterbury fullback.

Where next for the Silver Ferns?

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The Silver Ferns have made the Semi-Finals at the Commonwealth Games, but former Ferns player and coach Yvonne Willering is still very critical of recent results, taking aim at current coach Janine Southby. Willering talked with Brendan Telfer today.

Graham Lowe not a fan of Richard Fale's consortium to buy the NZ Warriors

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The back-room discussions continue regarding the sale of the NZ Warriors by current owner Eric Watson. Who should the club be sold to? Brendan talked with former Kiwi's coach Graham Lowe, who isn't a fan of Richard Fale's Tongan/Hawaiian consortium bid.

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