Saturday Fresh: In case you missed it

Saturday Fresh 07/04/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Saturday Fresh with Carly Flynn for April 7, 2018.

Fuel tax targetting the poorest Kiwis

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On The AM Show this week Judith Collins said that the fuel tax is going to target the poorest people in Auckland, usually those that live the furthest from the city and work shifts so rely on their cars to get to and from work.

Jenna Lynch talked to Carly Flynn about the fuel tax and how Labour has been left with an issue but needs the money to fix it, despite it going against the ‘no new taxes’ promise.

Here's a book or two to curl up with

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Jenni Keestra joins Carly with two great book recommendations from Paper Plus. For the grown up wanting to escape with a beautiful book, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart; the debut novel by Holly Ringland.

For the parents or the kids at heart Jenni recommends a book from NanoGirl, The Kitchen Science Cookbook by Dr Michelle Dickinson. It’s all about family science fun that you can do with you kids in your own home.

Vegetable prices are on the rise

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Traditional vegetables seem to be getting more expensive by the day, luckily Kelly Gibney is here to show that sometimes the most economical vegetables aren’t always the most glamorous. Kelly recommends cabbages and brussel sprouts as a staple veg to add to your meals to save your wallet.

Toyota's new selling regime - how it affects dealers

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The change in Toyota’s new selling system means that the dealer becomes an agent not a franchisee. The showroom won't be carrying substantial stock, but instead cars will come from a warehouse. It’s a different way of doing things but it’s not entirely new - even in New Zealand in the 90s people could order cars from Daewoo over the phone and basically did away with showrooms.

Sandie Myhre joined Carly Flynn with all the latest on the changes in Toyota, plus where you can buy a car from a vending machine.

Charity supporting abandoned and vulnerable children throughout Latin America

Image: NPH New Zealand

NPH New Zealand, is a charity founded by a Kiwi that supports abandoned and vulnerable children throughout Latin America.

The founder lived at the home for abandoned children for 2 years in the Dominican Republic, then came home to start the NZ office to raise funds and volunteer support for almost 4,000 children living in extreme poverty in 9 countries.

New NPH director Loren O’Sullivan has taken over the batton and joined Carly Flynn along with Aurora Zacarias - a Mexican woman who grew up in the home - who’s in New Zealand to share her story.


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