The Japanese art of hanging potless plants, or kokedama

Saturday Fresh 10/03/2018
Photo: Larnie Nicolson.

Forget terrariums. There’s a new plant trend in town.  

Translating literally as “moss ball”, kokedama is a chic little self-contained plant that can be suspended anywhere around the home.

Coraleigh Parker, Kiwi author of Hanging Kokedama, joined Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to explain more on the plant trend and the steps on making one.

They’re so visually pleasing.

Ms Parker describes kokedama as a type of bonsai where the roots are contained in moss and then bound up with string.  

Photo: Larnie Nicolson.

“The plants will live their normal lifespan, so long as you take care of them,” she said.

The botanist, who runs botanical design Business Pickled Whimsy, suggests beginners start with a simple succulent for their first kokedama project.

For more tips on how to make one, listen to the full interview above. 

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