Smarter ways to reduce produce waste

Saturday Fresh 31/03/2018

A study in 2008 showed that New Zealanders generate an average of 260kg per person of household waste, with a whopping 44% of this made up of organic material.

Nic Turner is a greenfulness coach whose family puts out just one rubbish bin of rubbish per year by reducing their waste by 90%.

As well as reducing packaging waste, Ms Turner and her family have dramatically reduced the amount of produce waste that they create and have found smarter ways to get rid of leftovers.

Ms Turner works with a three-bin system.

The first place she puts food waste is the worm farm, anything they don’t like (things with a higher acid content) goes into the compost, and things like meat waste, and dairy goes into a Bokashi bin.

The Bokashi bin ferments food to a point of being able to put it into the garden as a fertiliser, or directly into the compost.

For reducing packaging and produce waste, Ms Turner recommends buying non-perishable products in bulk, recycling where possible, avoiding plastic packaging, and of course composting produce waste.

Listen to the full interview with Nic Turner above.

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