Natural remedies and tricks for curbing anxiety symptoms

Saturday Fresh 17/03/2018
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While anxiety and panic attacks have always lurked within society, the long-held stigma to keep such feelings a secret is slowly dissolving.

With more people outwardly describing their experiences, more attention has been drawn to long-term methods to reduce anxiety. 

Dr Kathleen Schubert, a holistic wellness expert, joined Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to discuss natural ways to curb anxiety and panic attacks.

 “A lot of us live very, very busy lifestyles – especially women. This tends to hit women more than,” she said.

The holistic wellness expert lists off several key triggers of anxiety, which include elevated levels of stress, lack of sleep, fear of social situations, and hormonal imbalances.

She emphasises that lifelong stress management is critical for reducing symptoms.

“We can talk about some natural remedies to managing anxiety but also it’s going to be about lifestyle and diet as well for long-term reduction in anxiety symptoms.”

A few cups of green tea a day can be a wonderful natural support for anxiety, according to Dr Schubert.

She notes that green tea contains L-Theanine, which emits a “feel good chemical messenger” to the brain.

Dr Schubert also recommends regular meditation as an easy way to help curb stress levels.

Should a panic attack occur, Dr Schubert said that the “888” breathing technique can help calm you down.

The technique is simple - inhale in for eight counts, hold the breath for eight counts, and exhaled for eight counts.

“It slows down you heart rate and so your breathing resumes normality.”

But above all, Dr Schubert stresses to speak to a qualified therapist if anxiety symptoms get out-of-hand. 

Listen to the full interview with Dr Kathleen Schubert above. 

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