Being 'greenful': Simple ways to reduce household waste

Saturday Fresh 17/03/2018

Going green or being green has never been more fashionable or more important, with 300 million tonnes of plastic produced globally each year and only about 10 percent being recycled.

On average Kiwis send 2.5 million tonnes of rubbish to landfill each year.

Nic Turner joined Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh.

Incredibly, Ms Turner has managed to reduce the waste from her family of four to just one rubbish bin worth per year.

She calls her lifestyle “greenfulness” with the goal being to reduce packaging waste, save money and save time, and clearly she has achieved it.

We managed to reduce 90% of our packaging waste.

With a few simple changes to your lifestyle you can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that you use and waste that you create.

For example Ms Turner recommends taking your own container or plate if you’re getting sushi or takeaways and to get rid of food waste by composting or putting it in a worm farm.

Listen to the full interview with Nic Turner above.

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