Saturday Fresh: In case you missed it

Saturday Fresh 17/02/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at Saturday Fresh for 17th February, 2018.

Trudi Nelson was in for Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh, covering everything from mental health and life coaching to potatoes and television!

Saturday Fresh with Trudi Nelson, 10AM - 2PM on RadioLIVE.

Things to think about before buying a holiday home

Image: Newshub

Stephen Hart from Home Finders and Hometopia joins Trudi Nelson to talk aboout the things you should be thinking about before investing in a holiday home, ways to increase the value of your property, and a few of the things that every home buyer should know.

Magazine wrap up

Rachael Russell from NEXT Magazine and Virginia Larson from North & South join the programme with the weekly wrap-up of magazines. 

Saturday Social - apps for all occasions

Image: Getty

Social media guru Aziz Al-Sa'afin joins Trudi with his top apps. With everything from logo creators to spell checkers, there's something for everyone.

Aziz's top picks:

  • Woebot
  • Logo Creator
  • Design Kit
  • 1Password
  • Grammarly App

Gun control vs mental health

In the wake of the Florida School Shooting President Donald Trump came out to blame his actions on mental health rather than the gun control laws of the United States.

Psychiatrist Dr Silvania Hulme joined Trudi to talk about Trump's blame on mental health, and advice for kids struggling with the new school year.

Robbie, Celine, Queen - New Zealand is getting it all!

Image: Getty Photo credit: Getty

Music reviewer Kris Edwards has the details for the variety of incredible concerts around the country this weekend. 

Some huge names this weekend; Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, and Queen to name a few!

Our mind on media

Image: Mediaworks

It's been a big, busy news week with the announcement of Bill English's resignation, Mediaworks' 'musical chairs' of some of the big names of radio and television, and David Seymour's upcoming Dancing with the Stars debut!

Irene Gardiner joins Trudi to talk all about the goings-ons of the media.

What we're watching, the romance edition

Married at First Sight Australia

Spencer Budge joins the show to talk about what we should be watching, and how we should be watching it. This week the focus was on reality television, especially the Married at First Sight Australia cast!

Potatoes are not the enemy!

Image: Fresh

The classic kiwi spud, a family favourite across the nation but they often get accused of being unhealthy. Jess Daniell from Jess' Underground Kitchen joined the show to defend the humble spud and Trudi gave a great rundown of the top 10 foods for the Chinese New Year.

Paddle for Hope this Easter Weekend

Karin Horen is an ambassador for Paddle for Hope, a charity event that is raising money to fund the physical rehabilitation of New Zealanders affected by cancer, provide breast cancer provention education for young people, and help improve the health of our oceans.

Karin joins Trudi Nelson to talk about how the whole event came to be, and why she loves it so much.

The event is on in Wellington on March 31st.

What's the deal with stink bugs?

Image: Getty

In car dealerships across the country stock levels of Japanese cars are dwindling due to the discovery of stink bugs on three car import ships from Japan. A fourth ship has turned around voluntarily to prevent any threat to New Zealand fauna.

Lewis Rowe joins Trudi to talk about the flow-on effect that this shortage of cars will cause.

Werid and wonderful white wines

Image: Getty

With so many incredible wines on offer in New Zealand, why go for the classic Sav Blanc or Chardonnay when you can have something a little more weird and wonderful.

Yvonne Lorkin joins Trudi to talk about her top white wine picks for when you're feeling a little more adventurous.

Yvonne's top picks:

  • Forrest Estate Petit Manseng 2017
  • Amisfield Chenin Blanc 2017
  • Tinpot Hut Gruner Veltliner 2017

Things got a little rowdy when Trudi and Yvonne were joined by RadioLIVE Saturday Sport host Brendan Telfer, and Rural Exchange host Sarah Perriam.

Newshub Travel

Image: Getty

March 1st will welcome the start of Newshub Travel, dedicated to all of the incredible places around the world, travel experiences, and how to get there.

The man with the plan Dan Lake aka DanNews joins Trudi to talk about how his passion for travel and media lead to the creation of Newshub Travel.