Saturday Fresh: In case you missed it

Saturday Fresh 10/02/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at Saturday Fresh with Carly Flynn for the 10th February, 2018.

Under the Mountain, the stage production

Auckland Theatre Company

Under the Mountain is a new theatre production by the Auckland Theatre Company, based on the award-winning novel and hit 80s TV series. Nicola Kawana plays the role of Aunty Noeline and joins Carly Flynn.

The political week that was

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Political Reporter Jenna Lynch had the weekly wrap of politics - including Julie Bishop, a wrap of Waitangi Day goings-ons, and Jacinda Ardern's upcoming appearance at Big Gay Out.

Magazine Madonna

Nadene Hall and Alice O'Connell gave a wrap up of this week in the magazines - unusual weddings and a sit down chat with 60s mode Pattie Boyd.

Kylie Jenner had a baby?

Image: Getty

Saturday Social with Mitchell Alexander looked at the Halbergs, the Superbowl, Kylie Jenner's baby, and of course the Winter Olympics.

These books are a fantastic find

Image: File

The weather is closing in so there's no better time to curl up with a good book. Jenny from Paper Plus joins Carly with some fantastic finds: Catherine Roberton's Gabriel's Bay, and the third in the Me Before You series by Jojo Moyes, Still Me.

What's what in the world of music

Justin Timberlake. Image: AAP

Rural Exchange co-host Sarah Perriam joins Carly Flynn with her top music picks of the week, and what's coming up around the country with concerts and events.

Our Mind on Media

Irene Gardiner has the weekly wrap up of media: Waitangi Day coverage, actor John Mahoney who died this week, first look at the new Seven Sharp, an of course some things to watch out for on TV.

The only banana bread recipe you'll ever need

Image supplied

Jess Daniell from Jess' Underground Kitchen is in Melbourne, but that didn't stop her from joining Carly Flynn to give her recipe for moist, delicious banana bread.

Check out the full recipe, because no one can resist a fresh slice of banana bread with lashings of butter!

Millennial are spending more money dining out

There's a number of factors that go into it but apparently millennial really are spending more on dining out and takeaways than previous generations. About 20% of their income goes towards dining out and takeawy food alone!

Restaurant Association CEO Marisa Bidois and chef Mike Shand join Carly Flynn to talk about some of the top trends in the dining scene, and why people are spending so much.

Weight loss using genetics

Are you confused about Carbs? Confused about Paleo? Mediterranean? Ketogenic? Apparently your genes have a part to play in your personal response to start in carbohydrates.

Dr Kathleen Schubert joins Carly Flynn to talk about the simple test you can take to determine the best diet plan for you.

Ever heard of a sparkling shiraz?

Image: Getty

Yvonne Lorkin, co-founder and chief tasting officer for subscription service Wine Friend, joins Carly Flynn to give her recommendations for wine and the perfect thing to pair them with.

The world's best cars are in Ellerslie

Image: File

The 46th annual Classic Car Show is on at Ellerslie this weekend, Organising Committee member David Burke-Kennedy join Saturday Fresh to talk about the incredible car collections at the show, with over 700 classic and new vehicles taking centre stage on Sunday.