'It's important to have strong female leads'

Saturday Fresh 03/02/2018

This brilliant new Pacifica movie is new in town, and already fetching rave reviews and sell-out crowds.

Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa, director and writer of Hibiscus & Ruthless, joins Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh.

Hibiscus & Ruthless is Stallone's second film, coming after Three Wise Cousins which debuted in 2016.

Hibiscus & Ruthless is an Auckland-set comedy which follows a year in the life of two childhood friends, Hibiscus who is Samoan and grows up in a very conservative household, and Ruth (Ruthless) who is Palangi and adopted herself into the family.

The story was Vaiaogo-Ioasa’s look at strict parenting, especially a New Zealand context in the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Hibiscus and Ruth are both female which Vaiaoga-Ioasa says “there’s that double standard in terms of how sons and daughters are treated, and expectations for men and women, boys and girls.

“That’s why I chose two female leads. I just felt that in order to show…the difference in expectations without being explicit about it, it needed a strong female voice.”

Watch the trailer and listen to the full interview with Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa above.

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