Spicy, bold, and maybe a little out of your comfort zone

Saturday Fresh 10/02/2018

Have you ever heard of sparkling Shiraz? No, neither had we.

But Yvonne Lorkin, co-founder and chief tasting officer for Wine Friend, says it’s amazing and joins Carly on Saturday Fresh.

Pairing wine to sweet food can often be a challenge but Yvonne says that Shiraz, which is known for being spicy, fruity and bold, is the perfect match for chocolate and it’s making waves through Australia at the moment.

Sparkling Shiraz has the same flavour profile as your usual Shiraz but is fizzy and served chilled.

Yvonne’s recommendations are:

  • Wyndham - Bin 555
  • Bleasdale
  • Black Chook

Listen to the full interview with Yvonne Lorkin above.

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