Westland forecast a confident outlook

Rural Exchange 10/06/2018

The country’s second-largest dairy company, Westland Milk Products, recently announced a final payout for this season of $6.10-to-$6.30/kgMS, which it acknowledged was not competitive.

However, it has raised its forecast for 2018/19 to $6.75-to-$7.20/kgMS as both its production and the outlook for its products improved.

Westland Milk Products chairman Pete Morrison explains to Rural Exchange why the outlook is so confident when the past year hasn't been up to standard.

Mr Morrison discusses the factors in the prediction for an improved performance. He says this includes improved sales and a better sales outlook.

He said Westland finally has a complete executive leadership team which the company was benefiting from.

Watch the full interview with Pete Morrison above.

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