East Coast flooding ‘not a good look’ for forestry

Rural Exchange 09/06/2018

Forestry slash has been accused as the reason that inland flooding has destroyed several properties near Tolaga Bay in Gisborne.

The Gisborne District Council estimated that the forestry debris will cost at least $10 million to clean up, including fixing damage to roads and bridges.

Communications manager for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (NZFOA) Don Carson has acknowledged their role in the damage.

“This day and age, any land user cannot continue to dump stuff over the neighbour’s fence. And that’s effectively what’s going on here.”

He said such mistakes are exacerbated when flooding happens.

“It’s not a good look… I can understand the upset it’s caused around places like Tolaga Bay.”

Mr Carson told Rural Exchange that the three forestry companies operating in the region are helping with the clean-up, as it’s “their obligation”.  

“They will do what they can to clean up, that’s their obligation obviously so,” he said.

He joined Rural Exchange to explain what plans the NZFOA have going forward, and who will be footing the bill for land and infrastructure damage.

Watch the full interview with Don Carson above.

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