Environment plans are step one - now let's implement them

Rural Exchange 03/06/2018

Beef+Lamb NZ has launched a new environment strategy and implementation plan this month.

The plan lays out a progressive, long-term vision for the sector.

Healthy productive soils, thriving biodiversity, progress on carbon neutrality and cleaner water are the focus areas.

To achieve these goals, all farmers will need an active farm environment plan by the end of 2021.

AgFirst consultant Erica Van Reenen says having the advice and the plans is great, but we need to start implementing them.

"[Environmental care] might be intrinsic to the way you are, but sometimes it's not the top priority."

Ms Van Reenen says tougher objectives like carbon neutrality could require some more assistance.

She says the issue has been "contentious and fairly abstract, and it's up to the industry to provide that support."

Watch the full interview with Erica Van Reenan above.

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