Does New Zealand need a Minister of Soils?

Rural Exchange 09/06/2018

Across the ditch, there are some who also find frustrations with the ecological understanding their government has.

Australian Soil Systems Engineer Michael Eyres specialises in assessment and management of soil capability and condition. 

"The quickest way to trap [carbon] would be to engage with soil that can absorb and store it," Mr Eyres told Rural Exchange.

The issue is that too much politics is involved in the carbon reduction equation, and it has become a bit of a "political hot potato", he explained.

Mr Eyres thinks a good understanding of ecological literacy amongst members of Parliament is the key to this debate.

"New Zealand has incredibly good soil scientists, and they need to be front and centre of this."

Mr Eyres suggests the idea of a Minister of Soils, who can bring this knowledge into Parliament.

Rural Exchange's Richard Loe disagreed, saying the Australian system is "a hell of a lot different" and that New Zealand already has great soil scientists in play.

Watch the full interview with Michael Eyres above.

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