80's farm life makes many a great story

Rural Exchange 02/06/2018

Being unexpectedly handed the deposit book to a muddy, run-down station just weeks before ‘Rogernomics’ would the face of farming forever is bound to lead to some wild events.

And everyone knows that wild events eventually become wild stories.

Mark Warren has taken it a step further, turning the story of his farming life into the sometimes irreverent and often hilarious book 'Many a Muddy Morning'.

The book includes many incredible stories of Mr Warren's life off road and on the land.

From training the police in handling off-road vehicles to pulling a station out of debt in just three years, he has seen it all.

If that's not enough, Mark is dyslexic, which added an extra challenge to getting the experiences into words.

It takes five goes before spell check can recognise it.

"It only took me a year to write. It's just that it took another three to get it into a format anyone else could understand," he says jovially.

Talking to Hamish McKay and Sarah Perriam, in an interview full of hilarious one-liners, Mr Warren paints the picture of a life well lived

His parting wisdom; "We all have a few spills in life, but it’s about how you pick yourself up again that really counts!"

Watch the full interview with Mark Warren above.

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