Tractors are safer but operators must know how to use them

Rural Exchange 12/05/2018

Machinery is one of the biggest factors in on-farm accidents and death. 

Knowing this, it has been great to see improved safety features in on-farm machinery over the past few decades.

Rural Exchange's regular farm machinery experts from CB Norwood joined the show to discuss individual responsibilities around farm safety.

Retail Manager Garry Watt says there should be an installation/handover session between the supplier and customer when new equipment is delivered.

Health & Safety Manager Sarah Field added that it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure all operators of the equipment are competent enough to operate the equipment safely.

Watch the full interview with Garry Watt and Sarah Field above.

Farm Machinery is a regular feature on REX thanks to the experts at CB Norwood. Find out more at  Norwood Farm Machinery Centre.

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