Nitrogen leaching could change the way you breed dairy cows

Rural Exchange 06/05/2018

Did you know that New Zealand’s 4.8 million dairy cows are producing around 1000 tonnes of nitrogen a day through urination?

Based on information related to milk urea concentration in daily bulk milk reports, some 200 tonnes of this ends up leaching into groundwater.

Farmers who get bulk milk reports from their milk supplier are encouraged to use milk urea concentration data to start tracking and improve practices to reduce MU levels. 

Head of Research and Development for CRV Ambreed, Phil Beatson joined us to explain what this means for the way we breed and feed cows, as well as the tools farmers can use to minimise the risk.

“We all know that there are other sources of water contamination that involves all New Zealanders through towns and cities.

“But there is no doubt that dairy and agriculture do have a part to play,” he said.

“This has prompted Ambreed to be proactive in developing genetics to address the issue of nitrogen leaching.”

Watch the full interview with Phil Beatson above.

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