Imported pork a bio-security risk

Rural Exchange 27/05/2018

While the red meat, dairy and horticulture industries are licking their lips ahead of a potentially lucrative trade deal with the European Union, pig farmers are squealing that there is nothing fair about it.

Former chairman for New Zealand Pork, Ian Carter says New Zealanders are unaware of how much imported pork they are consuming.

He says it’s having a “significant effect” on local businesses.

“We’re seeing product coming in at pretty cheap prices from countries like Spain, USA and Canada” Mr Carter said.

“It’s coming in far cheaper than we can produce it under the regulations that we operate under.

Mr Carter said it also having an impact on local red meat sales.

“The fastest growing consumed protein in New Zealand is actually imported pig meat now.”

There are several problems with imported pork including lower animal welfare standards and biosecurity risks.

The Green Party campaigned with an origin labelling policy, but has since gone quiet on the topic, but Mr Carter says this would help New Zealand Pork.

Watch the full interview with Ian Carter above.

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