How can M. bovis learn from TB eradication?

Rural Exchange 20/05/2018

Minister for Agriculture Damian O’Connor this week explained that the government are working on a potential long-term eradication plan for M. bovis.

Mr O'Connor told Newshub Nation a "hell of a lot" of cows are​ ​now ​​affected by the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak.

A similar bovine disease is Tuberculous, which they stabilised in 1998 with hope to eradicate the disease by 2055.

Kevin Crews is the National Disease Manager for OSPRI and he joined us to discuss how the NAIT programme is used to progress toward eradication of M. bovis.

He also explains how farmers can place feedback on the usability of NAIT.

Meanwhile the Government is "still aiming" for eradication, and Mr O'Connor says the situation is changing constantly.

"As we do more research, more tracking, identify more properties… Then, clearly, the balance of probability changes.

"The chance of rapid eradication is almost gone. The chance of long-term eradication is still possible. We're not at the point where we're saying we can't," he told Newshub Nation.

Mycoplasma bovis does not infect humans and is not a food safety risk. However it's devastating for livestock, causing mastitis, pneumonia, arthritis and late-term abortions in cattle.

The NAIT Review final report is on the OSPRI website.

Watch the full interview with Kevin Crews above.

Watch Kevin Crew's full presentation on TB eradication from the 2018 Deer Industry Conference here.

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