Farmers to be carbon neutral by 2050

Rural Exchange 20/05/2018

Every sheep and beef farmer will have to have a tailored environment plan within the next three years to be carbon neutral by 2050. 

The new Beef+Lamb NZ strategy is about helping sheep and beef farmers manage their properties.

Their goal is to improve freshwater, helping farmers continue to reduce emissions, and provide habitats that support biodiversity and protect our native species.

Beef + Lamb NZ Environment Strategy Manager Julia Beijeman told Rural Exchange that their stated goal to lift environmental performance is an achievable goal.

“There’s lots and lots of different parts to it. In the document that we have released, there’s a huge amount of detail there in the implementation plan.

“A number of regional councils require farmers to have farm plans, so there is a real shift in the way people are thinking around farm plans too,” she said.

Just putting as much support out there to help farmers take advantage.

Watch the full interview with Julia McKenzie above.

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