Farmers respond to international reports of our dirty waterways

Rural Exchange 20/05/2018

The health of New Zealand's rivers and lakes is undeniably a controversial and divisive subject.

International media reported New Zealand's “dirty dairying” numerous times during the build-up to our election last year.

Kiwis feel passionate about the health of their waterways, and rightly so, but sometimes the real facts behind what is polluting them can be buried behind hyperbole and over-zealous views.

Newshub reported that the last two decades have seen an explosion in dairy farming, an increase in the intensity of our herds and the continued spread of our urban areas.

That’s come at a cost to the environment, a report from the Ministry for the Environment found.

Having recently returned from a study tour to the United Kingdom, Ohangai sheep, beef and dairy farmers Peter and Nicola Carver say they gave a unique perspective on the rest of the world’s view.

Peter Carver spoke to Rural Exchange about the great environmental work they are doing on their farm and how they are national ambassadors for environmental stewardship.

Last year the couple won the national ambassador title at the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

Watch the full interview with Julia McKenzie above.

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