An easier way to have good environmental management

Rural Exchange 19/05/2018
Janet Gregory at the Deer Industry Conference

The soon to be released Deer Industry Code of Practice looks at the best management practice, aligning them to various needs, and options for mitigation.

The Code is expected to help farmers with their land environment planning around several issues including biodiversity, nutrient and soil management.

Nobody wants to muck up the environment.

Janet Gregory from Landcare Trust told Rural Exchange’s Sarah Perriam that the Code offers a user-friendly resource that compiles information from numerous case studies.

"Nobody wants to muck up the environment, but a lot of it's in [farmers’] heads,” she told Rural Exchange.

In the common case that farmers are unsure how to start their environmental plan, Mrs Gregory has been organising workshops and planning one-on-one with farmers.

Listen to the full interview with Janet Gregory above.

Watch the launch of the Environmental Code of Practice at the 2018 Deer Industry Conference here.

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