Working in the country can be tough when it’s not legal

Rural Exchange 22/04/2018

The NZ Farming Facebook page sees a shocking number of rural New Zealanders questioning their bosses’ employment rules, which often can be illegal. .

Resident employment law specialist Max Whitehead joined us to answer questions from the page ahead of another Facebook LIVE Q&A next Friday.

Topics will include:

  • If you’re on a day wage and work public holidays are you still meant to get time and a half?
  • The cash value of rent of the house on the farm and the confusion around that.
  • What to do if you see illegal activity on farm such as animal welfare issues and how your employment is protected.

Have a question for Max? Message your question to Rural Exchange or NZ Farming on Facebook, or email them to the RadioLIVE studio here [].

Watch the full interview with Max Whitehead above.

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