What happens when the government doesn’t turn the tap off

Rural Exchange 22/04/2018

Waimea Irrigators Ltd say it has reached its target of commitments for 3,000 water shares to help fund the proposed Waimea dam.

The success comes after it twice extended its initial offer for the shares.

Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL) and Tasman District Council are proposed joint-venture partners in the plan to build a dam in the Lee Valley, near Nelson.

The project is to be funded by a mix of ratepayer, irrigator and Crown funding.

The uptake o this venture has been a challenge, which Mr King says is due to people being cautious of whether the venture would definitely go ahead.

"But by getting irrigators to this stage, we've completed our comittment," he says.

Murray King, chairman of Waimea Irrigators Ltd, gives Rural Exchange a bit of a background into the scheme, what it hopes to achieve and the backers behind it.

Watch the full interview with Murray King above.

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