Viral American farming sensation on tour in NZ

Rural Exchange 21/04/2018

From a family farm in Kansas in the United States, four siblings known as The Peterson Farm Bros have risen to social media fame with their funny parody videos.

Songs names like "Takin' Care of Livestock" (Taking Care of Business Parody) are sure to put you on the map, and these siblings have racked up over 50 million views on their videos.

However, the world’s most popular farming family are using their fame for the greater good to advocate for agriculture and to correct farming misconceptions.

The oldest of the four siblings, Greg Peterson (26), told RadioLIVE that the idea behind the first video was to make something that would show his city friends what farming was really like.

"A lot of our friends almost looked down on us for being farmers because they didn't understand what it was like," he told the Rural Exchange team.

Spending time in New Zealand, Greg says one of the biggest farming differences he's noticed is the shape of the land.

"We got to tour some high country sheep farms where they graze those massive slopes, I think that's much different to anything in the US."

Watch the full interview with Greg Peterson above.

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