Travelling the world to improve our environment

Rural Exchange 28/04/2018

Today we continue our series speaking to this year's prestigious Nuffield Scholars who embark on a worldwide tour for 12 months.

Kate Scott (Cromwell), whose day to day work is involved in resource management planning, is one of the scholars.

Founder of LandPro in Cromwell and project manager of many irrigation projects, Kate will focus her worldwide research on how we can use policy & technology to better ensure that we produce our food in an environmentally sustainable way.

Mrs Scott has just returned from Europe and South America and says one of the most interesting cases is Brazil.

"The country is teeming with opportunities. What they need to do is sort out their political situation and then the opportunities that they will be able to capture on the world stage will be limitless."

South America does have a lot of issues with animal welfare, but a limited infrastructure remains the key issue.

Joining the Rural Exchange team, Mrs Scott also spoke on issues closer to home in terms of our own technologies & policy, and environmental improvement with irrigation.

Watch the full interview with Kate Scott above.

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