Tips to keep your farm safe from M.Bovis

Rural Exchange 23/04/2018

As the cattle disease M.Bovis continues to spread around the country, the fear of it entering your property is spreading with it.

Livestock Improvement Corp (LIC) technicians move between properties daily to artificially inseminate cows, and that movement is raising concern.

Wayne McNee, CEO for LIC, joined Rural Exchange to help put these fears to rest.

Mr McNee confirmed that technicians check their gear between each property, spraying it down with a disinfectant before entering the next farm.

On top of that, LIC check in with individual farmers to find out more about their expectations.

Some farmers have thought about it a lot Mr McNee says, and it's important to work with them to meet those safety expectations.

Is there more that you want us to do?

Other farmers are less vigilant, especially in the North Island where the disease isn't as widespread, but Mr McNee says this should change.

"Because we're not 100% sure where the disease is yet, everybody should be following careful protocol around stock and people movement."

As for the bulls that LIC use for insemination, Mr McNee shut down any rumours of them spreading M.Bovis.

"We've tested every bull we have and every bull we supply semen from," says Mr McNee.

They also keep bulls in quarantine and do not import semen from offshore.

Watch the full interview with Wayne McNee above.

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