Ripping the goal post from in front of our eyes

Rural Exchange 28/04/2018

Imagine spending $10 million to learn how to score the perfect game-winning try just to have the goal post was ripped out from in front of your eyes.

That’s how the district of Hurunui in North Canterbury is feeling right about now.

After a huge investment to build one of the most environmentally friendly water schemes, the government has decided to pull the final funding from beneath the Hurunui Water Project.

This community was forced to survive three years of drought out of the past four, and the project would have provided some peace of mind with the high likelihood of more drought to come in the future.

The Hurunui Water project has a very high social responsibility, especially to be respectful of their environment.

To ensure they hold their farmers to account, the project has been made to jump through several resource consent hoops.

The purpose of these is to balance the benefits to the environment and the benefits to irrigation.

Chief Executive of the Hurunui Water project Chris Pile joined the Rural Exchange team to discuss the promise that the project held, its methods, and how it would have helped farmers.

Watch the full interview with Chris Pile above.

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