Nuffield Scholar comments on US-China trade war

Rural Exchange 07/04/2018

The Nuffield Scholarship honours agricultural leaders who are expected to assume greater influence in their industries.

Turi McFarlane, who grew up on a small family sheep and beef farm on Banks Peninsula, was named one of the five 2018 scholars.  

2018 Nuffield Scholars.

Mr McFarlane called the Rural Exchange team from Ukraine to discuss the social climate he’s noticed since traveling for his scholarship.

In his travels, he’s spoken to people on various issues facing the primary sector, including the CPTPP and the US-China trade war.

“There’s a lot of people not actually knowing what’s coming next,” he said

Ukraine was just one of many international stops Mr McFarlane has made since earning the scholar title. 

Watch the full interview with Turi McFarlane above.

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