Jericho Station remains in Kiwi ownership

Rural Exchange 14/04/2018

In a surprising twist, the controversial sale of Jericho Station by Landcorp Farming to an overseas buyer has fallen through, with Southland farmer Ed Pinckney swooping in to make the final purchase.

Mr Pinckney was originally beaten in the bidding by Chinese buyer Qianlong Farms when the land was put to market in late 2016.

If the sale had gone through with Qianlong, it would have been the first Lancorp farm sold to a foreign buyer, a fact that got much of the rural community fired up.

With regards to why the original sale fell through, Mr Pinckney says we can only speculate, but he thinks Qianlong may simply have been backed into a corner where the arrangement didn't work for them.

Taking over on the 1st June, Mr Pinckney won't be making many changes to the way the farm runs but he sees the potential to increase the number of stock units and will move more towards trading.

Watch the full interview with Ed Pinckney above.

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