Fair Dinkum Rural Art in Kimbolton

Rural Exchange 28/04/2018

Cockies in Australia have been making impressive art from bits and pieces found on the farm for years.

Here in New Zealand, a bunch of locals from Kimbolton decided to kick off their own event to provide incentives for farmers and others to improve their health and well being by getting creative.

So this weekend near Fielding is the NZ Rural Sculpture Awards where farmers have a chance to showcase the sculpture installations they've been working on.

The competition is also part of the town's redevelopment occurring on the Kimbolton main street.

Some of the sculptures include a lifesize horse made out of tires and a Haast eagle (made out of shearing cutters) with a wingspan of 2.8 metres!

There are over 100 sculptures entered from all around the country in multiple categories.

This includes two events for young people, and a peoples choice award.

You can find out more at www.ruralart.nz

Watch the full interview with Tony Waugh above.

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