Dairy industry welcomes new animal welfare rules

Rural Exchange 08/04/2018

The Government has approved a raft of new regulations to strengthen our animal welfare system recently.

These were developed over three years working with industry and advocacy groups, and formal public consultation with over 1400 submissions received and analysed during that process.

DairyNZ was one of those industry groups that worked with government on the new regulations.

Jenny Jago, their strategy and investment portfolio manager spoke to Rural Exchange to explain the regulations.

She says the industry worked with Ministry for Primary Industries to develop the new rules.

“The ones that are most pertinent to dairy farmers are around tail management, the use of pain relief for disbudding, and ensuring animals are fit for transport,” she said.

“[There are] a whole lot of regulations and many farmers will already be meeting them.

Jago told Rural Exchange the new regulations were brought in as the “next step” to the Animal Welfare Act introduced in 2015.

From the industry’s point of view, we support any strengthening of the wider animal welfare framework.

“New Zealand’s already recognised as having a very strong framework,” she added. “Certainly our industry relies on its reputation in terms of how it treats its animals, so we view it as positive.

Watch the full interview with Jenny Jago above.

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