Virtual reality headsets to redefine training, health & safety

Rural Exchange 24/03/2018

Fonterra and Beca have partnered to develop a breakthrough virtual reality health and safety training technology.

The cutting-edge solution lets employees navigate the co-operative’s manufacturing and distribution sites without the need to set foot on site.

Greg Lazzaro from Fonterra joined Rural Exchange in the studio to show the team how they can experience the virtual reality (or, VR) tool first hand.

Mr Lazzaro said the idea came from Fonterra’s goal to help make learning and training more interactive.

“Cognitive learning is the big buzzword at the moment,” he said.

Co-host Richard Loe gave the headset a try while Mr Lazzaro talked the team through his virtual experience.

By using VR, Mr Lazzaro explained that the training programme can essentially cut out any physical risks to the employee.

The technology can also pick up the wearer’s eye movements, which then prompts the trainee with training material on what the eyes are focusing on.

“I think it’s limitless in its application,” he told Rural Exchange.

The new technology will place Fonterra at the forefront of global health and safety innovation, and is part of a business wide commitment to become a world leader in risk mitigation

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Watch the full interview with Greg Lazzaro above.

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