Southlander to head Beef + Lamb NZ

Rural Exchange 24/03/2018

Andrew Morrison, Beef + Lamb NZ ‘s Southern South Island Farmer Director, has been supported unanimously by the board to take over the chair as James Parsons retires at this week’s Annual General Meeting.

The sheep and beef sector is well-placed to turn the challenges into opportunities and reap the rewards, farmers were told at Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s AGM in Gisborne.

“This has been a thorough succession process over the last 18 months, so Andrew [Morrison] is well prepared for the role,” says Mr Parsons of his successor.

Mr Morrison, who hails from Gore, joined Rural Exchange to discuss his new role and where he plans to take the sector in his tenure.

He said that the sector faces unique challenges that B+LNZ will attempt to tackle, including environmental issues, greenhouse gasses and alternative proteins.

“You can either treat these as challenges or opportunities,” Mr Morrison told Rural Exchange.

But he assured the team that B+LNZ sees them as challenges that they just simply need to overcome and get off the table.

Watch the full interview with Andrew Morrison above.

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