The reality of iodine deficiency and how to prevent it

Rural Exchange 10/03/2018

If trace elements are deficient in the pasture, animal performance, growth, reproduction and health deteriorates drastically.

Paul Sharp from Seales Winslow joins the Rural Exchage team to discuss the importance of iodine for animals.

“It’s pretty common for our pastures to be relatively deficient,” he said.

The consultant nutritionist explains that iodine plays an important role in cell formation (especially of the brain and reproduction system) and thermo-regulation.

Mr Sharp later explains the reality of iodine deficiency and how farmers can help their animals get the it into their system. 

Watch the full interview with Paul Sharp Consultant Nutritionist, Seales Winslow above.

Animal nutrition is a regular feature on REX, thanks to the experts at Seales Winslow. If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit their website.

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