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Rural Exchange 25/03/2018

The March 2018 Outlook

Once again, lows from the north are likely to feature in the New Zealand region this month, and these are expected to favour the North Island.

In contrast, an intermittent ridge of high pressure is signalled across the lower South Island.

While this occasional ridge should bring relatively drier conditions over the far south of the country, expect the odd cold front, too, as is typical at this time of year.

A continuation of frequent northerly to easterly winds over the country is clearly indicated in the forecast.

Above normal March rainfall totals are predicted for the north and east of the North Island, as well as Nelson and Marlborough.

Normal to above normal March rainfall is forecast for the remainder of the North Island, as well as Canterbury.

Otago should receive about normal March totals, while a drier than normal March is predicted for the west and south of the South Island.

Above average March temperatures are forecast across the country overall.

However, it is important to understand that March is the time of year when temperature swings start to show up, and some cooler spells are likely against the warmer backdrop.

Also, the extreme heat of early 2018 is likely gone - with the forecast temperature deviations being much smaller than seen so far in 2018.

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