M. bovis not a death sentence for farm profits - vet

Rural Exchange 03/03/2018

Cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis, now spreading throughout New Zealand, needn’t be a death sentence for farm profitability, according to American veterinarian Dr Paul Dettloff.

Dr Dettloff is visiting the country holding workshops with farmers.

Official response to the Mycoplasma bovis crisis has focused on containment and keeping the contagious bacterial disease from spreading between animals.  

Dr Dettloff, who works for a large dairy cooperative in the US, indicates he sees farmers who don’t have Mycoplasma bovis in their cows, despite being surrounded by farms with infected animals.

He tends to see the infection on farms with overly acidic rumens, associated with feeding higher amounts of grain to cows.

Dr Dettloff is a keen proponent of farmers accepting that their farm is an ecosystem and best managed by understanding that everything is connected.  

Small changes can create big consequences, both good and bad.

See information on his workshops below.

5 March Waikato

ODPG Workshop, Paterson Farm, 1931 State Highway 27, Patetonga, 10am to 4pm, $100pp, ODPG members $75.  Teas and lunch provided.

8 March Southland

Southern Organics Group Workshop, James Cummings Wing Bld, Gore,10am to 4pm. $50 pp for non-members and free for SOG.  Teas provided.  BYO Lunch.  

13 March Canterbury

ODPG Workshop, Peel View Farm, 793 Peel Forest Road,  Geraldine, 10am to 4pm, $100pp, ODPG members $75.  Teas and lunch provided.

Registration required  by one week in advance.  Please email odpg22@gmail.com to save your space.  Bring cash or a cheque on the day.

Details also available on the ODPG website ​www.organicpastoral.co.nz

Watch the full interview with Dr Paul Dettloff above.

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