Farm vehicles killing our farmers

Rural Exchange 25/03/2018

A major drive to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities involving vehicles on farms is underway. 

Research by WorkSafe New Zealand shows there is almost always a vehicle involved when someone dies as a result of a farm workplace accident.

Almost 90 percent of farm fatalities involve working in and around vehicles and machinery. 

Over the next three years, WorkSafe will be focusing strongly on reducing the critical risk of working in and around farm vehicles.

Al McCone from WorkSafe New Zealand joined Rural Exchange to discuss plans around reducing farm vehicle injuries and deaths.

He told RadioLIVE there are lots of things farmers do, often under pressure, that can create risks.

It's not something that is a new problem.

"What we are starting to do now is look at it more closely and say actually this doesn't need to happen," he said.

Watch the full interview with Al McCone above.

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