Alternative proteins a wake-up call for red meat sector

Rural Exchange 03/03/2018

Alternative proteins are likely to become a major competitor to some of New Zealand’s red meat products and the sector must respond with a clear strategy, according to new research.

The report commissioned by Beef + Lamb New Zealand has found that although alternative proteins are currently manufactured in small volumes, large scale production of burger patties and mince is likely to be a reality within five years.

Nick Beeby from Beef + Lamb New Zealand joined Rural Exchange to discuss the findings.

The study has concluded a number of forces are coming together that are driving governments, investors and consumers to looks for alternatives to red meat. These include environmental concerns relating to climate change and the ability to feed the growing world population in a sustainable way, the use of animals in food production, and the place of meat in a modern diet.  

Despite these challenges, the research demonstrates there is still a strong future for the New Zealand red meat sector.

The report reveals an untapped demand for naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free red meat with consumers prepared to pay a premium for such products.

Read the full report here.

Watch the full interview with Nick Beeby above.

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