The future of NAIT: Mobile access ‘is certainly on the agenda’

Rural Exchange 03/02/2018

OSPRI, a partnership between primary industries and the government, has received criticism for how it runs the National Animal Identification & Tracing scheme, or NAIT.  

Some farmers are resistant to using the tool for recording livestock movements because they argue that NAIT is difficult to use.

Michelle Edge, chief executive of OSPRI, joins Rural Exchange to discuss the scheme and improvements that can be anticipated.

Despite the scheme’s weaknesses, NAIT provides critical information for MPI for tracking down biosecurity threats like M. bovis.

“If a disease occurs, one of the first things that happens is the database is interrogated to provide information on animal movements.”

However, Ms Edge concedes that “there’s always room for improving uptake.”

“As new systems come into play [like] new mobile technologies… all systems, like NAIT, need to adapt to those.”

Should another biosecurity threat occur, Ms Edge explains that she is confident that the NAIT system will continue performing its role in informing MPI.

Vice president of Federated Farmers Andrew Hoggard had previously expressed his sentiment on the NAIT system on Rural Exchange.

“The harder you make things to be compliant, the less compliant people will be,” he says.

While the NAIT system is essential for biosecurity, Mr Hoggard pointed out the challenges for both farmers and the system. He called on farmers to step up with their record-keeping; however, he also said the system needs to be simplified.

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