Storm Fehi forces dairy farmers to dump milk

Rural Exchange 03/02/2018

The recent storm on the West Coast caused the Westland Milk plant in Hokitika to halt production this week.

Dairy farmers in the region have been forced to dump milk because of power cuts and poor road conditions. 

Steve Attwood, communications manager from Westland Milk products joins Rural Exchange to give an update on the situation.

While the power is back on, impassable roads have left 40 percent of the plant’s suppliers to be cut off from tankers for milk collection.

Road damage has cut off tankers from dairy farms.

The plant hasn’t yet pinpointed how much money has been lost, but Mr Attwood suspects that thousands of litres of milk have been lost so far.

That’s money down the drain, really.

“We are working as hard as we can to get back up to 100 percent collection,” he told RadioLIVE.  

However, Mr Attwood said the situation is “improving pretty rapidly.”

Watch the full interview with Steve Attwood above

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