Brown stink bug 'total disaster' for New Zealand

Rural Exchange 25/02/2018

Biosecurity efforts remain in place as New Zealand continues efforts to repel the brown marmorated stink bug. 

Four ships with car imports have been turned away from our borders recently by border officials after the discovery of stink bugs on board.

The horticulture sector in NZ is concerned any release of stink bug in NZ would have devastating consequences on the sector.

Horticulture NZ chief executive Mike Chapman joined Rural Exchange to explain how the brown marmorated stink bug is so dangerous to our horticulture sector.

Mr Chapman says it eats everything.

"Not only does it eat everything, just about everything, it will come into everyone's home during winter, and will eat your flowers and veggies.

This bug is just a total disaster for urban and rural New Zealand.

"And for horticulture, it's going to devastate so many of our crops," Mr Chapman said.

"It may even put the ability for New Zealand to feed itself year-round at risk if it just rips through and does its damage."

Mr Chapman told RadioLIVE that MPI officials are doing a "fantastic job" repelling the brown marmorated stink bug.

"And if we can keep it out, that's the best thing we can do."

Watch the full interview with Mike Chapman above.

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