The future of rural newspapers in New Zealand

Rural Exchange 24/02/2018

Media giant Fairfax recently announced it would either sell or close 28 mastheads, which consist of mostly community or rural newspapers.

Titles that may be dropped include Waikato Farmer, Wairarapa News, NZ Farmer, Canterbury Farmer, and NZ Dairy Farmer.

NZX announced earlier this week a non-binding term sheet for the sale of rural newspaper Farmers Weekly.

Former editor of Farmers Weekly Rebecca Harper joined Rural Exchange to discuss the importance of rural newspapers.

I like to think that print is not dead.

The threat to rural newspapers has come at a rough time, with 63 percent of farmers still struggling with internet connection.

Without local papers or access to digital stories, farmers may struggle to keep up with local or even national news.  

“If you can access it, then that’s a problem,” sayd Ms Harper. 

“If you can access it, then that’s a problem,” sayd Ms Harper. Rural Exchange with Hamish McKay, Sarah Perriam and Richard Loe, 5-7am Saturday and Sunday on RadioLIVE with Carter’s Tyre Service. Click here for all the ways to watch and listen.